Thrifty Thursdays: Pierogies


Have you noticed that nearly every cuisine has some kind of inexpensive – read cheap – dish that consists of a filling tucked inside a wrapping? The Italians have ravioli, the Mexicans tamales, the Chinese egg rolls and the Ukrainians, as well as Russian and Polish have pierogies. The classic dish takes cheesy mashed potatoes Continue Reading

Souper Saturday: Broccoli Cheese Soup

Souper Saturday: Broccoli Cheese Soup What’s not to like in this rich satisfying soup? Oh, the broccoli? Well even if broccoli isn’t your favorite vegetable, the odds are you’ll like this soup. Fresh broccoli works best, but you could save the peeled stems of broccoli you’ve served as vegetables and freeze the for this soup. Continue Reading

Thrifty Thursday 6 layer casserole


Six layer casserole stretches one pound of ground meat to feed six to eight people without anybody feeling deprived. Layers of potatoes, onions, carrots, celery and a green veggie are topped with ground meat and seasoned with herbs and spices. 6 large potatoes 6 carrots 6 stalks celery 1 bunch of greens (chard, kale or Continue Reading